Strategy. Automation. Development.

Real business. Real technology solutions.

CodeLingua provides the lingua franca between Information Technology and Your Business.

A lingua Franca (pronounced LING-wa FRAN-ka) is a language or mixture of languages used as a medium of communication by people whose native languages are different. We listen to you, learn how your business works, and guide you to the right solutions.

  • Expert Engineering - cloud, web, mobile, and more.
  • Business Process Automation - eliminate redundancy, errors, and wasted time.
  • Architecture, Security - identify and handle threats.
  • Education, Training - mentoring and coaching teams, managers, executives.

Our consultants' deep experience across a spectrum of technologies lets you focus on your business while we deliver tech that works for you.

Our Philosopy

We are committed to becoming your trusted partner, someone to help you navigate the IT landscape with confidence and achieve your business objectives through informed decision making about technical solutions.

We believe in open and frequent communication. This fosters trust, and ensures you are putting the right solution in place faster. Maximizing value and minimizing investment.

Our Process

Every organization is different, therefore how we work with you depends greatly on you.

We work to understand your particular business, its objectives, people, processes, and the tools you use. We are also mindful of your schedule and budget, offering solutions that respect both.

We have real conversations with you, examine the options, and agree on actionable strategies.

Your Success

Technology should serve the business, streamline operations and allow you to go about the business of running your business.

We develop long term relationships with our clients, because their success matters to us. Needs change over time, and we promise to be there to help you respond to those changes.


Expore our Services

Business Automation

Get better tools. Optimize workflows. Streamline operations. Develop a digital tranformation strategy. Embrace smart systems.

Custom Software

When off the shelf products don't measure up, we make custom solutions developed from the ground up so they do exactly what you want.

Cloud and DevOps

Infrastructure. Security. Automation. Testing. - All businesses need it. We also help other software companies improve their ability to deliver.

Mobile Applications

We help bring high security iOS and Android mobile applications to market for corporate and government clients. From concept to reality.

Website Development

Looking to launch a new business? Does your site need a facelift? We'll get you there.

Strategy & Management Consulting

Protect your technology investments. Analyze and develop plans for strategic change. Reduce risk and accelerate growth.


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